Sports, Rec and Culture

102_0252Whatever the sporting interest, Muenster has plenty to offer participants and fans of all ages. Hockey, baseball, curling, club volleyball and plenty of school based sports like soccer and track are all part of the excitement. Click on the Sports link in the dropdown menu to get history, information, and contacts to become part of Muenster’s sporting community.

Muenster Community Centre

The Muenster Community Centre is here to support local community events and for YOU!! Rent the space for a small or large gathering!

We have recently built a lift inside to make each floor accessible to all!

Visit the Facebook Page for details

Muenster is also home to a wide variety of arts, culture and recreational organizations that serve all ages. Choirs, visual art, writing and ceramics are among the opportunities that await. Again, check the link in the dropdown menu for all the details.

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