Muenster Fire Department

The Village of Muenster wishes to recognize and thank the members of the  Muenster Volunteer Fire Department.  With the efforts and assistance from many community members, equipment is being kept up and services can be maintained. Our members have gone above and beyond the call of duty.  Our members selflessly respond to calls, ensure equipment is ready on demand and ensure trucks and equipment are in top condition when called on.  Education on Fire Safety and involvement in community events are also priorities of our members.

Thankyou to all past members.   Current members include:

Fire Chief  Gord Kiefer Gord Kiefer

Deputy Chief Glenn Korte Glenn Korte

Deputy Chief Kyle Muggli Kyle

Long time service member Darren Varga Darren Varga

Dedicated and skilled service member Justin KorteJustin Korte (2)

Dedicated and skilled service member Jay SchindelkaJay Schindelka

Dedicated and skilled service member Craig Hogemann IMG_4171 (3)

Dedicated and skilled service member  Ryan Stuckel  stuckel

Dedicated and skilled service member Dillon Thieman Dillon (2)

Dedicated and skilled service member Trevor Britz Trevor

STARS3  STARS2 Training exercises with Stars

The Village of Muenster has a very active fire department.  We are one of the six members of the Emergency Measures Organization which includes Muenster, St. Gregor, Lake Lenore, Annaheim, Englefeld, and the RM of ST. Pete’s 369.  Our Emergency Measures Officer is Stacy Church.

Muenster has a Mutual Aid Agreement with the City of Humboldt.  Proximity to Humboldt has a direct benefit when it comes to ambulance  and emergency services response times.

2020 News:  New Tanker Project.

Muenster’s commitment to maintain and improve services continues with the plan to purchase a new 1800 gallon tanker.  This new water tanker will be a second addition to our fleet.  Increasing our carrying capacity for fire call outs will be welcome.  The newer truck will add an improved reliability of operations to the trucks.  Less time will be required for maintenance, therefore, enabling volunteers more time to train for emergency calls.

Check it out below:

IMG_7720 IMG_7721 IMG_7722


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